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Product Filter press series
Vehicle mounted mobile filter press
Vehicle mounted mobile filter press
Vehicle mounted mobile filter press

The vehicle mounted mobile filter press is designed with compact equipment layout and pipeline connection, which can accommodate the vehicle mounted movement inside the modified container. It can filter dispersed and non concentrated sludge and sewage through the vehicle mounted filter press. The filtration speed is fast, saving manpower and material resources, improving filtration efficiency, and ensuring safe use. The vehicle mounted mobile filter press is a comprehensive sewage treatment equipment that integrates dosing, stirring, sedimentation, and solid-liquid separation. It can choose to add auxiliary facilities such as automatic pulling plate and curved arm to assist in slag unloading, and can flexibly implement sudden or temporary sludge treatment and disposal projects. Mainly used for river dredging, sand making mud dewatering, coal washing tail coal dewatering, oilfield drilling and mining, tunnel excavation, mining, water washing sand mud dewatering, pile driving mud and other sewage treatment.

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