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Petroleum industry

In the daily production work of petrochemical enterprises, the large amount of oily wastewater discharged is a special and difficult to treat pollutant, and its treatment is a very important task. In the petroleum industry, the macromolecular petroleum pollutants contained in wastewater are difficult to degrade substances and high concentrations of dissolved salts. If not treated properly, it can have adverse effects on the growth of microorganisms, ultimately affecting ecological balance and causing irreversible losses to nature. Adequate attention must be paid to petroleum, sulfides, dissolved salts, and organic pollutants to effectively control their pollution levels in wastewater. Sudong fully automatic energy-saving and efficient vibrating filter press adopts pneumatic control for the automatic vibrating device. During the automatic pulling and unloading process of the filter press, the handle on one side of the filter plate is automatically vibrated to make the filter plate vibrate up and down, forcing the filter cake to automatically fall off. When the viscosity of the filtered material is high, the filter cake cannot fall or all of it cannot fall. The automatic rapping device can lift and drop the filter plate of the box filter press, achieving filter plate rapping and automatic removal of residual filter cakes, with stable results.

Petroleum industry
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